Datacute™ Concordance
An Acute Information Revelation Tool
Current Version : 3.8 (20 Apr 2004)
Datacute™ Concordance Viewer
Not many bible software packages for the Palm come with fast word searches, and very few printed bibles contain exhaustive indexes, so in the past when you think you've read something in the bible, but can't remember where, it has been difficult to locate the passage.
Datacute™ Concordance solves exactly that dilemma, by showing a list of all references containing a combination of words, as you enter them.
So install Datacute™ Concordance and an index of your favourite version, then next time you're trying to find something in the bible, enter a few words into Datacute™ Concordance, and in front of you will be a short list of references to verses containing those words.
Datacute™ Concordance is useful when you are using a printed bible, and also when you have a bible reader on your Palm. Datacute™ Concordance can automatically switch to supported bible software, showing the selected verse in whichever translation the bible reader has installed, allowing you to quickly determine which of the resulting references relate to your search.
There are many features that make this concordance very nice to use. Some of the best are:
  • Extremely Fast
  • Highly compressed index databases
  • Works on most Palm devices
  • Launches bible reading software
  • Expansion card support /PALM/Programs/Datacute/
  • Can find words near other words
  • Can find words in the same chapter as other words
  • Word completion (now supports Graffiti 2)
  • Words can be excluded from the results
  • Words can be temporarily ignored
  • Beaming of index databases
  • Paste a short phrase from the clipboard
  • Restores exactly what you were viewing when launched
Supported bible readers:
  • Asaisoft "Bible Reader"
  • OliveTree "BibleReader" and "BibleR+"
  • GMPSoft "Bible With You"
  • Laridian "MyBible"
  • The open source "Bible+" (previously named PalmBible+, based on an earlier version of Asaisoft's Bible Reader.)
User Discussion Forums
Click here to read the discussions, report a bug, or say hello to the community of Concordance Users.
Biblical Concordance Packages
These packages contain the Datacute™ Concordance Viewer v3.8, and a single concordance index. Apart from the demo index, the indexes contain every reference to every word.
DownloadIndexed TextVocabulary
(54.9K)KJV John 3:16 Demo24
(634K)New International Version14,112
(631.9K)New American Standard Bible with 1995 Updates14,340
(616.2K)King James Version12,554
(599.4K)American King James Version11,858
(561.9K)Bible in Basic English6,711
(609.8K)World English Bible12,609
(762.2K)Schlachter Bibel25,889
(692.4K)Spanish Reina-Valera27,590
(618.5K)New King James Version13,058
(268.3K)Strongs Hebrew8,673
(133.5K)Strongs Greek5,518
N.B. Strong's Concordances show neither the words used nor the definitions of Strong's numbers.
More will be made available here as source texts are acquired.
Datacute™ Concordance Viewer
The viewer will not operate without Concordance Index files installed, so it is recommended that you download one of the packages above. However, it has been made available as a separate download in case you wish to upgrade from an older version.
The above packages already contain this file.
Shareware Details
The software and indexes are freely distributable, and may be beamed to other Palm devices. The registration code does not get beamed, and the recipient receives an unregistered copy.
To encourage you to purchase Datacute™ Concordance, there are two minor 'nag' features enabled while it is unregistered: 1. The registration screen appears when the Clear button is tapped; 2. Every fourth time the View button is tapped, the verse shown by the bible reader is changed to Jeremiah 22:13, a scripture verse that advises paying for the services you receive.
Registration is by purchasing Datacute™ Concordance from one of the retailers below. When the retailer has processed the sale, you will be emailed a registration code for Datacute™ Concordance Index Viewer for a single Palm Device Name.
Purchasing from the Datacute store at PalmGear
US$10 from the Datacute store (hosted by PalmGear).
US Phone ordering :615.261.4324
US Fax ordering :615.261.4333
Add to Cart :Click here to add to your shopping cart
Purchasing from Handango
Purchasing in New Zealand
If you are in New Zealand, email to arrange purchasing for NZ$20 incl GST.
PalmOS :Version 1.0 or higher (Datacute™ Concordance v3.8 requires at least a PalmPilot Professional. If you are using an earlier model, use Datacute™ Concordance v2.0, or ask me to produce a feature-reduced version.)
Memory :200K to 900K depending on the index (135K to 810K for the index, 30K for the application, 4K per entered word)
Index :You do need to install at least one Datacute™ Concordance Index Database
The FAQ will be expanded soon, including entries on all the nice little features that are not obvious.
Version 2.0 and higher support storing data on expansion cards. Any index databases may be copied to the /PALM/Programs/Datacute/ directory. (See the useful tools section below.)
Index Databases
Case - Why all upper case? Basically, for simplicity. One of the biggest problems of not being case sensitive are that some texts use LORD in upper case to indicate the Tetragrammaton. Where this word occurs, the index has included a reference for both "LORD" and "LORD(YHWH)"
Copyright - The copyright of the index reader belongs to Stephen Denne. The copyright of the texts that the indexes refer to vary amongst the texts. The concordance indexes of these texts are a collection of facts, and they are complete unabridged concordances, so no creativity exists in the selection of the facts. The compressed data structure used to store the facts, however, is highly creative, and copyright Stephen Denne, 2002.
Useful Tools
The following tools make Datacute™ Concordance, and your palm in general, easier to use...
If your palm has an expansion card, I recommend trying "FileZ", available from nosleep software. With it you can create the /PALM/Programs/Datacute/ directory, and move the Datacute™ Concordance index databases there.
McPhling from Mike McCollister provides a shortcut to favourite and recently used applications.
To quickly jump back to the concordance after launching a bible reader, I use Hynek Syrovátka's EasyLaunch.
David Trotz has created a Bible Reading Planner. David might be re-using my "Bible Software Launching Code".
The SWORD Project have created free bible study tools for a variety of hardware platforms, and have an enormous collection of bibles, commentaries, and dictionaries available for download.
Datacute™ Concordance was originally written in OnBoardC, using the QED editor, before changing to Metrowerks CodeWarrior.
If you use Asaisoft's Bible Reader, and you are interested in an easier to use Verse Selector, send me an email.
I am keen to advance inter-operability between various christian palm software tools, if you share this desire, send me an email.
The changes in the various released versions are:
3.820 Apr 2004
Fixed support of latest versions of Bible+.
3.74 Jan 2004
Fixed Tungsten T3 graffiti entry freeze.
DBY12 Nov 2003
A rare flag that was set incorrectly in the Darby translation was fixed.
3.65 Sep 2003
Graffiti 2 Support
Fixed finding words entered with pop up keyboard
Fixed finding words entered by copy & paste
Reduced memory footprint
Fixed remembering last selected reference
SpaRV31 Jul 2003
The compression used in the SpaRV concordance was fixed, saving 153K.
3.03 Jul 2003
Near and chapter searching
OliveTree BibleR+ support
Beam or delete indexes on expansion cards
Indexes on expansion cards are indicated *
List of indexes is sorted
List of Bible Readers is sorted
Fixed expansion card removal problems
Fixed identification of Laridian's myBible version
Index Manager Screen has a help|about menu
2.031 Mar 2003
Expansion card support /PALM/Programs/Datacute/
PalmBible+ v1.01 support
Laridian MyBible support
Much smaller application size
Fixed 'view' for NT only modules (StrGrk)
1.0217 Dec 2002
GMPSoft Bible With You support
1.0110 Dec 2002
Fixed database beaming
1.09 Dec 2002
Initial public release
Planned Features
Some of the features planned for future versions are:
  • Documentation
  • More index databases
  • Save shown references for quicker access from other programs
  • Restricting results to particular sections/books
  • Wildcard support
  • Alternate words
  • Responding to 'Global Find'
  • Call from other applications
  • Release the Datacute™ Concordance Creator java application.
Feel free to email for further information about Datacute™ Concordance.